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Trash Collection

Trash Collection

The Washington Street Department provides a weekly trash and refuse collection service.

See the “Trash Pick-Up Schedule” page for the specific day for your street. Trash will be collected once a week Monday thru Friday. Trash will need to be placed in your designated area no later than 7:00 a.m. on the morning of your trash day.

City Ordinance 51.03 states the following

  • (A) Each owner, occupant, tenant, subtenant, lessee or others, using or occupying any building, house, structure or grounds within the corporate limits of the city where refuse materials or substances, as defined in § 51.02, accumulate or are likely to accumulate shall provide an adequate number of suitable containers of a type approved by the head of the Street Department or his or her designees for the storage of refuse. The containers shall be constructed of strong and durable material and be of a capacity not less than 20 gallons nor more than 30 gallons. The containers shall be equipped with handles or bails to facilitate emptying, and shall be equipped with tight-fitting lids or covers, constructed of the same material as the containers, and of the design as to preclude the free access of dogs, cats, and other domestic animals or fowls, flies and other insects, and to prevent the container from collecting water during rains. The lid or cover shall be kept in place at all times except when refuse is being deposited or removed.
  • (B) Each container shall be placed adjacent to an alley or on a tree-plat near a street in a convenient, accessible location for the collection of the refuse, as may be designated by the head of the Street Department or his or her designee.
  • (C) Wet garbage or refuse shall be drained of all liquids and wrapped in paper or placed in cardboard cartons so that no drippings can come from the package prior to the placing of it in the container.
  • (D) The containers shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner and shall be thoroughly cleaned by washing or other methods as often as necessary to prevent the breeding of flies and the occurrence of offensive odors. The containers for garbage and trash shall be kept close together to facilitate the emptying.
  • (Prior Code, § 51.03)  (Ord. 542, passed 1-25-1972)  Penalty, see § 51.99

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