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What does the Wastewater Department do?
They are responsible for maintenance and repair and also new construction of sewer lines in the City of Washington.
What does the Wastewater plant do?
They clean the raw wastewater that the City produces before we release it into the river.
Who do I call if I have a problem?
During working hours 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday you can call the Wastewater Department at 254-2792 and after hours you can call the Police Dept at 254-4410.
What does the Wastewater Department do when I have a problem?
We will come out to your location to evaluate the problem and fix it if is our responsibility.
What is the Homeowners responsibility verses the City’s responsibilities?
You as a Homeowner have the sewer lines in your house and the line that goes to the City main line, also know as your house lateral that belong to you. The Wastewater Department is responsible for the City main line from that point forward.
Why do I have a sewer smell in my house and what can I do about it?
A sewer smell is caused by sewer gases coming into your house, probably because of dry “P” traps or cracked or broken sewer lines in the house.
What can I do to help lesson the chances of having a sewer problem?
Avoid putting anything in the drain that is not water-soluble or not intended to be put in the drain.
What do I do if I see someone pouring something into a manhole or catch basin?
Call the police 254-4410 because it is illegal to pour anything into a manhole or catch basin.
Where do I pay my bill?
You can pay your monthly Sewer bill at the following locations; City Hall – (Collections Office) 101 NE 3rd Street Washington 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (812) 254-2730 Business Office (Drive-Thru Window) 2100 Memorial Ave Washington, IN 8:30 to 4:00 PM (812) 254-5171
What is a routing number
On the bottom of your check, the routing number is on the lower left corner.
Can I defer my City traffic ticket here?
The papers you need to fill out to defer a city traffic ticket are found in the Clerk Treasurer's Office located in City Hall.
Where is the Utility Office and what is the phone number?
The Utility Office has 2 locations.
I received a high grass violation, yet I see yards and lots much worse than mine.
A Code Official must cite a violation when he or she sees it, regardless of how it compares to others.
Who can bring animals to the shelter?
All animal surrenders require a photo ID. Anyone from the city of Washington or Daviess County.
I am supposed to be in court today. Can you tell me what time and which court (Superior or Circuit)?
Circuit Court Clerk's number is 254-8664 and Superior Court Clerk's number is 254-8669.
How can I view the animals that are at the shelter?
Almost all the animals at the shelter can be viewed at
What do I need and how do I get Electric Utilities turned on?
A picture ID along with An Application for Utilities form;
I am moving, how do I get my utilities disconnected?
Please come to the City Hall Collection Office to sign turn off paper work and give us your new mailing address.
I'm supposed to be in court today, Can I pay my traffic ticket here?
Traffic tickets are paid at the County Clerk's office, located at the courthouse.
How much brush and bulk materials can I place out for collection?
Contact the Street Department by calling 812-254-4564.
What is the City Code and where do I find it?
The city code is online or at the city clerk's office for a complete update of all codes.
What can I do with my brush and bulk items?
To request a special pick up,
Do I need to secure a permit before construction begins?
I live in the City of Washington; do I pay my property taxes here?
All property tax payments are made at the Courthouse in the County Treasurer's office. The County Treasurer's number is 254-8677.
Are permits needed for siding, replacement windows, doors and remodeling?
No permits needed for any of these.
What are the Animal Shelter Hours?
Animals can be viewed, reclaimed or adopted during the following hours:
What are the pool and fence requirements?
Pools with a depth of 18" or greater must be surrounded by a wall or fence at least five (5) feet high with lockable latches. Pool and fence permits are required.
There's a big crack in the sidewalk on our street. Who's responsible for repairs?
The property owner that is adjacent to the damaged sidewalk is responsible for repairs.
How to get trees trimmed?
To submit a request to get trees trimmed,
Zoning questions?
Call office for the zoning of a piece of property or;
Can the City mow my property without giving me advance warning?
Only if the grass is 48 inches or higher. A $200 mowing fee is levied to the property owner.
Where do I pay my property taxes or question the assessed value of my property?
Questions about your property taxes or assessed value of your property can be answered at the Assessor's Office. If you live in the City of Washington, the Township Assessor's number is 254-8661.
Can I maintain, keep, or possess a wild animal?
Maintenancing, keeping, or possession of wild animals within the limits of the City of Washington is prohibited, unlawful, and declared a nuisance.
What is the City of Washington's leash law?
The owner is responsible for their pet.
How do I find out which detective has my case?
You may contact the Detective Bureau at 812-254-4410 M-F between 9am and 5pm. The staff will direct you to the appropriate investigator.
When a variance or conditional use is required?
A variance is a minimum departure from the strict application of the specific requirements and is granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
What do I need and how do I get Utilities turned on?
A picture ID along with An Application for Utilities form;
What is the policy on issuance of tags and certificate for animals?
Upon vaccinating any dog or cat, the veterinarian performing shall deliver to the animals owner a numbered metal tag and certification of vaccination. Please let your pet wear the tag.
What do I need and how do I get Water Utilities turned on?
A picture ID along with An Application for Utilities form;
Junked Vehicle?
This term refers to, not the appearance of the vehicle, but rather to the fact that the stickers may not be current or that it is obviously inoperable.
What are the requirements for rabies vaccination?
The owner of each dog or cat kept within the City of Washington shall have every dog or cat vaccinated against rabies by the time the dog or cat is four months of age and once a year thereafter. Please let your dog wear the tag.
To whom do I report a non working residential streetlight?
To report a non-working streetlight,
What are the impoundment/animal reclaim fees?
$20 for first offense.
Who may file a grievance?
You or your legal representative may file a grievance if you believe that: - The City is not in compliance with the physical access requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to City facilities, land or rights-of-way, or - You, or a specific class of individuals, have been denied access to participate in any City program, service, or activity due to your disability, or - You, or a specific class of individuals, have been otherwise subjected to discrimination on the basis of your disability, or - The City has otherwise violated the ADA or its amendments.
When should a grievance be filed?
Before filing a grievance, you may seek informal resolution by contacting the appropriate department supervisor. If your informal concern is not resolved in a timely fashion, you may file a formal grievance under this procedure. You are required to file your grievance as soon as possible within 60 calendar days of the alleged discrimination.
What should the grievance include?
The grievance must be in writing on the City's Grievance Form.
What if I need assistance filling out my grievance?
If you need assistance completing the Grievance Form, assistance will be provided to you upon request. Please contact the ADA Coordinator for assistance.
Where do I file my grievance?
Once the Grievance Form is completed, it can be mailed to or hand delivered to the ADA Coordinator. Ernie Evans, ADA Coordinator City of Washington 2200 Memorial Ave. Washington, IN 47501
What happens after I file my grievance?
After receiving your grievance, the ADA Coordinator will investigate the alleged discrimination within 30 calendar days. The investigation may include you and any other person(s) the ADA Coordinator believes to have relevant knowledge concerning your grievance. The ADA Coordinator may also consider any written evidence submitted. After completing the investigation, the ADA Coordinator will review the factual information gathered and issue a written response.
When will I receive a response?
You will receive a written response within 45 calendar days after you file your grievance.
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