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Who may file a grievance?
You or your legal representative may file a grievance if you believe that: - The City is not in compliance with the physical access requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it relates to City facilities, land or rights-of-way, or - You, or a specific class of individuals, have been denied access to participate in any City program, service, or activity due to your disability, or - You, or a specific class of individuals, have been otherwise subjected to discrimination on the basis of your disability, or - The City has otherwise violated the ADA or its amendments.
When should a grievance be filed?
Before filing a grievance, you may seek informal resolution by contacting the appropriate department supervisor. If your informal concern is not resolved in a timely fashion, you may file a formal grievance under this procedure. You are required to file your grievance as soon as possible within 60 calendar days of the alleged discrimination.
What should the grievance include?
The grievance must be in writing on the City's Grievance Form.
What if I need assistance filling out my grievance?
If you need assistance completing the Grievance Form, assistance will be provided to you upon request. Please contact the ADA Coordinator for assistance.
Where do I file my grievance?
Once the Grievance Form is completed, it can be mailed to or hand delivered to the ADA Coordinator. Ernie Evans, ADA Coordinator City of Washington 2200 Memorial Ave. Washington, IN 47501
What happens after I file my grievance?
After receiving your grievance, the ADA Coordinator will investigate the alleged discrimination within 30 calendar days. The investigation may include you and any other person(s) the ADA Coordinator believes to have relevant knowledge concerning your grievance. The ADA Coordinator may also consider any written evidence submitted. After completing the investigation, the ADA Coordinator will review the factual information gathered and issue a written response.
When will I receive a response?
You will receive a written response within 45 calendar days after you file your grievance.
What can I do if I'm not satisfied with the initial investigation by the City?
If you are not satisfied with the written response you may submit an appeal within 21 calendar days of your receipt of the response.
Results 1-8 of 8