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Can I defer my City traffic ticket here?
The papers you need to fill out to defer a city traffic ticket are found in the Clerk Treasurer's Office located in City Hall.
I am supposed to be in court today. Can you tell me what time and which court (Superior or Circuit)?
Circuit Court Clerk's number is 254-8664 and Superior Court Clerk's number is 254-8669.
I'm supposed to be in court today, Can I pay my traffic ticket here?
Traffic tickets are paid at the County Clerk's office, located at the courthouse.
What is the City Code and where do I find it?
The city code is online or at the city clerk's office for a complete update of all codes.
I live in the City of Washington; do I pay my property taxes here?
All property tax payments are made at the Courthouse in the County Treasurer's office. The County Treasurer's number is 254-8677.
Where do I pay my property taxes or question the assessed value of my property?
Questions about your property taxes or assessed value of your property can be answered at the Assessor's Office. If you live in the City of Washington, the Township Assessor's number is 254-8661.
Results 1-6 of 6