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Transit Department

Welcome to the Transit Department!

Washington Transit is a department of the City of Washington and its services are funded through resources made available by the City of Washington, the Federal Transit Administration, the Indiana Department of Transportation and passenger fares. Washington Transit’s provides public transportation; services are available to everyone that complies with “System Rules” and “Passenger Conduct” standards (see below). Washington Transit does not discriminate based on race, creed, religion, sex, origin, age or disability in its services.

Washington Transit operates over a designated route within the corporate limits of the City of Washington and to and from Wal-Mart Super Center outside the corporate limits. Washington Transit operates on a “fixed deviated route” allowing the driver to deviate from the fixed route up to ¾ of a mile for pickups and drop offs. Each round trip covers sixty (60) minutes. Layover time, if needed to meet scheduled route time points, is taken at Jamestown Apartments. Information on Washington Transit’s service is available between 7AM-4PM, EST, Monday through Friday by calling (812) 254-4564; TDD phone number is (812) 254-4564.

Bus route/schedules are available online and in printed form (in English and Spanish) at the Transit Office (2200 Memorial Avenue) City Hall (101 NE 3rd Street), Mayor’s Office (200 Harned Avenue), Sunset Towers (520 SE 2nd Street) and is posted at Wal-Mart Supercenter (1801 South Highway 57). Bus schedules are available in Braille for vision-impaired persons upon request (812) 254-4564.

  • Drivers are city employees that are specially trained, licensed, safe and courteous
  • Buses are clean and smoke-free
  • Passengers should expect that schedule delays can occur due to traffic, bad weather or any other problem beyond the driver’s control

Days & Hours of Service 

Washington Transit’s service hours are Monday - Friday, 7AM - 5PM EST (final trip begins at 4PM and ends at 5PM, EST).

Washington Transit does not operate on the following holidays
  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President’s Day
  • Good Friday
  • Primary Election Day (May)
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (July 4th or date officially observed by the City of Washington)
  • Labor Day
  • General Election Day (November)
  • Thanksgiving Day and Friday after
  • Christmas Eve (if on a weekend, the date officially observed by the City of Washington)
  • Christmas Day (if on a weekend, the date officially observed by the City of Washington)

Fare (One-Way)

  • Regular Fare: Free
  • Students (K-12): Free
  • Senior Citizens: Free*
  • Disabled Persons: Free*

Passengers are encouraged to have exact fares when boarding the bus. If necessary, drivers will make change for $5 bills or less. Passengers must physically insert cash fare and elderly discount coupons, as applicable, in the bus farebox. Drivers do not handle cash fares.

*To receive the senior fare discount, one must be at least sixty (60) years of age and must register in advance with Senior and Family Services, 211 East Main Street, Washington, IN. To receive disability fare discount, one must be registered in advance with the Washington Transit Department. For more information, please call (812) 254-4564 or TTD (812) 254-8223.

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Bryan Sergesketter,
Street Commissioner, Transit Manager

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