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Waste Water Department

The City of Washington runs a Major Municipal Wastewater treatment plant located at 169 South 200 West Washington, Indiana.

The City of Washington’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) is Permit No. IN0025658. The permittee currently operates a Class III, 4.2 MOD treatment facility consisting of an oxidation ditch treatment facility (old plant) and a Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) treatment facility (new plant). The oxidation ditch facility consists of screening, pre-aeration, primary clarification, roughing trickling filters, an aeration basin, secondary clarification and post aeration. The SBR facility consists of screening, SBRs, ultraviolet light disinfection, and post aeration. The effluent from the oxidation ditch facility and the SBR facility combines prior to ultraviolet light disinfection before discharging via Outfall 001. Biosolids are handled with aerobic digester units, a centrifuge and drying beds.

The collection system is comprised of combined sanitary and storm sewers with five Combined Sewer Overflow(s) identified and permitted with provisions in Attachment A of this permit. The mass limitations for CBOD5, TSS and ammonia-nitrogen have been based upon the facility’s average design peak flow rate of 5.7 MOD in accordance with this Office’s CSO policy to maximize flows through the treatment facility.

The Wastewater Dept. consists of one Superintendent that is over Plant Operations Unit and Collection or Maintenance Unit. The Operations Unit has seven Employees consisting of one Head Operator, Day shift Operator, Second Shift Operator, Third Shift Operator and a Swing Shift Operator and a Utility Clerk. We have our own Wastewater Lab that is staffed by a Lab Tech so we can run all of the water quality tests in house. The Asst. Superintendent, six Heavy Equipment Maintenance Operators, one Heavy Equipment Operator- Maintenance Mechanic run the Sewer Collection Maintenance Unit.

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Waste Water Department
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