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Fall - Spring Hydrant Flushing


 Flushing takes place every Spring and Autumn. Dates are announced on radio and printed in the newspaper. Customers are reminded to check for discolored water before doing laundry when their area is being flushed.  Thank you.



 Flush CR300W and Cosby Road to the Old Vincennes Road.  This will also include Clark Road, then Cosby Road to S.W. 5th Street and Oak Street, West Main Street from N.W. 10th to Meridian Street, W. South Street from S.W. 10th Street to S.E. 3rd Street, and E. Van trees from N. W. 2nd to Meridian Street. Also Highway 50 West from Pumping Station to SW 16th Road, Daviess Drive, Cindy Kay Drive, behind West Side Plaza to Sycamore Street and SW 5th Street then to Lemon, Oak, and Sycamore Streets to Meridian Street.  Also included is Harned Avenue to S.E. 3rd Street and Highway 50 to S.E. 2nd Street.



Flush East Main Street, East South Street, East Van Trees Street from Meridian Street to NE 11th Street.  This also includes SW 4th Street from South Street to Hwy 57 and SE 7th Street from South Street to Highway 57. SE 11th from Van Trees to Hwy 57. This will also include Blockade, Railroad, Axtell, Center, New, Kretz and Mill Streets, Highway 50 East to S.E. 11th Street. Also South of Hwy 57 on SE 5th, SE 6th, and Cosby Street.


MONDAY, DAY 3     September 24, 2018

 Flush Dewey Avenue from South Meridian to SW 6th Street, SW 4th, SW 3rd, SW 2nd, and SW 1st to South Meridian Street, Maysville Road, South Meridian Street to Darnell Drive and Prairie Village.  This also includes Sunnyside Road from Highway 57 South to 300 West and 300 West from Highway 50 to end of line. This will also affect Highway 57 South to Cumberland Drive.  This will include Linco Drive.

Flush Oak Street and South Meridian Street to SE 5th Street, Highway 50 East to Highway 57, Indiana Avenue, Southside Avenue, Hayes Avenue, and SE 1st Street to SE 4th Street to Highway 57 South and SE 6th Street.  This also includes Highland Avenue from Highway 57 South to S.E. 11th Street and Troy Road from Highland Avenue to Highways 50 and 57 intersections.  S.E. 12th Street, State Street to S.E. 21st Street.  Also included is Highland Avenue off of Troy Road, Bixler Road, and Donaldson Road to end of the line and Knepp Drive and Ridge Drive.



 Flush Highway 257 South, Grove Street, Virginia Avenue, and out Highway 50 East to Bussard Road.  Also included are State Street, SE 14th, SE 15th, Hillside Drive, Jan Ann Court, Hazel Street, Williams Bros. Drive and Sullivan Drive.  This will affect these businesses:  Mason's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Hardee's, Arby's, Cherry Tree Plaza, and Eastgate Manor.  This does include Jamestown Square and E. Van trees from 11th Street to N. E. 21st Street. Also included is Highway 257 South to Belle Terra Drive and over to New Hope Christian Church on Bixler Road, Bussard Road, and Cherry Tree Apartments, Donaldson Road, Knepp Drive, Ridge Court, Legends Village, Woodlawn Drive, and Central Drive. Also included Troy Road and Bixler Road and Clover Drive.



Flush NW 1st Street and West Walnut to NE 5th Street, out NW 1st to Apraw Road, Jersey Street to Viola Avenue, Hefron and Flora Street to NE 5th Street then William, Pearl, Maple, and George Streets to NE 5th, and NE 1st, NE 2nd, NE 3rd, NE 4th, NE 5th and NE 6th Streets to Viola Avenue.  This will also include Maple Street to NW 2nd, NW 2nd Street to Apraw Road, Apraw Road from NW 2nd, and St. John's Road out to St. John's Cemetery.  Also included is Highway 57 North from Pearl Street to Viola Avenue, Northside, Coronado, and Lynwood Drives.

Flush Brett Cabel Road from Highway 57 North to NE 12th and NE 12th Street to Bedford Road, Winbrook, Wedeking, Knollwood Drive, and Bedford Road from NE 6th Street to NE 11th Street, and Grand Avenue from NE 11th Street to NE 21st Street, Woodmere Drive, and Walnut Street from N.E. 6th Street to N.E. 14th Street.  Also included is Memorial Avenue from N.E. 14th Street to N.E. 21st Street and NE 18th, NE 19th, NE 20th, and NE 21St Streets from Grand Avenue to Parkdale Drive.



Flush NW 1st Street and West Walnut to Front Street, Hefron, Flora, Lincoln, Jefferson, Robinson, Biddinger, Meredith, Ogdon and Vance Streets.  This will also include Sunset Avenue, Greenwood from NW 6th Street to N.W. 11th Street and Maxwell Avenue from Front Street to N.W. 16th Street, including Wykoff and Hemlock Drives. Front Street and West Walnut to NW 21st Street.  This will include McCormick Avenue, Downey Avenue, Vincennes Avenue, Maxwell Avenue, Longfellow, Old Vincennes Road to McCullough Road, North Street, Jackson Street to NW 21st Street, NW 16th Street Road, and Greenwood Street.  This will also affect Jackson Street to NW 21st Street, including West Washington.



Flush Sugarland Road from NE 21st Street to the Airport.  Also being flushed will be Morningside Drive, Terrace Park Drive, Bedford Road from NE 21st Street to end of the line at Graber Construction.  Also included are Parkdale, Wagner Avenue, Vista Lane, and Brett Cabel Road from NE 12th Street to Sugarland Road.  Also affected will be Douglas Drive and Sugarland Estates, Bean Drive, Todd Drive, Briarwood Drive, Crestwood Drive, and Highway 57 North to end of the line.  Also included is Bedford Road from NE 21st Street to CR100E, Glenwood Drive, Plankeshaw Drive, Ridge Road, Dogwood Drive, White Ridge Lane, Sunrise Drive, Wayside Drive, Park Road, and Highway 50 East to Waller Drive.  Also affected will be Industrial Drive, Commercial Drive and out to end of a line at I-69.

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