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Building Commission


Building Commissioner

Building Commission
2113 Memorial Avenue
Washington, IN 47501

(812) 254-8208

Email: bldgcomm@washingtonin.us



Permits are to be secured before Construction begins.

Owner or contractor may obtain the permit.  Permits are required within the city limits and the two-mile area around the city.  If you are unsure if a permit is needed, contact the Building Commissioner's Office.

Permits needed/costs - permits are needed for the following:

Minimum fee for Permit

.10 persquare foot for the first floor

Permit needed for siding, replacement windows, doors and re-modeling?

No permits needed for any of these.

When a variance or conditional use is required?

A variance is a minimum departure from the strict application of the specific requirements and is granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals.  A conditional use permit is to allow a use other than principally permitted use within a district and is granted by the Board of Zoning Appeals.  Applications for variances and conditional uses may be obtained from the Building Commissioner's Office.

Red-tagged electrical service.

Contact Building Commissioner.  He will inspect service and inform owner/electrician what needs to be done.

Pool and fence requirements/permits.

Pools with a depth of 18" or greater must be surrounded by a wall or fence at least five (5) feet high with lockable latches.  Pool and fence permits are required.

Grass, weeds and junk vehicle complaints

Call (812-254-8208) or email complaints bldgcomm@washingtonin.us.

Structural complaints.

Call (812-254-8208) or email complaints bldgcomm@washingtonin.us.

Zoning questions.

Call office for the zoning of a piece of property.